My Story

The body has always fascinated me. My professional life has been devoted to it’s amazing capacity, from being a choreographer, to studying and teaching movement to actors and working with people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.  Through these experiences I have seen how the body can change and be healed by human touch. This led me to massage therapy as a form of healing, assessment, release, and nurture and I fell in love with it's philosophical and physical values.

 I am one of the few degree level trained massage therapists in the UK, and believe my purpose is to help people out of pain.  I use a combination of soft tissue techniques with a person centred approach to effectively relieve pain and promote healing. I love to keep up to date with current evidence based practice whilst ensuring my treatments are filled with a whole lot of heart. 

Massage has enabled me to help a variety of people, from office workers to professional dancers, soon to be mums, adults with PMLD, Musicians and the elderly.

I believe the route to feeling better lies in human connection, body awareness and a plan to achieve your goals.  Treating the person as a whole not purely by their symptoms.