Remedial massage to help you out of pain

If you are in need of pain relief or you feel that your body is feeling stuck due to niggles, injury or reduced performance, an Advanced Clinical massage would be perfect for you. 

“Jessie is a wonder! I injured my neck during theatre rehearsals and needed urgent help in the run-up to our play. Jessie was brilliant at listening, locating the source of the pain, explaining her method and relieved me of the pain in 3-4 sessions. It's a very special treatment and I walked out with a big smile on my face every single time. Highly recommended!”

Atilla Akinci 

 Our goal with this massage is to reduce and manage your pain to improve your ease of movement within 1-6 treatments. Most people feel full pain reduction by 3rd or 4th treatment.  

The first treatment includes a free 30min in depth consultation and assessment to identify the right treatment plan. In the treatment itself,  I weave Amma, myofascial release, trigger point and advanced stretching techniques amongst flowing deep tissue to get to the heart of relieving pain, improving range of motion and attending to your well- being. I will also give you some Self-Care Exercises to aid your recovery. 

In follow up treatments we will monitor and build on the last treatment to get to the origin of the pain to ensure long lasting results.

I regularly treat-

Headaches Migraines,

Back pain including sciatica,

Neck pain and shoulder pain/injury

Repetitive Strain Injury,

Stress related conditions,

Anxiety management,

Sport injuries.


First treatment 90mins (30 min free assessment and consultation) . All follow up treatments are 60 mins.